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The Looming Backlash in Egypt

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News from Egypt are dire. So called pro-Mubarak demonstrators have entered the scene, wielding clubs and whips, and allegedly also firearms, and attacking the protesters at Tahrir square.

These are the thugs of the old regime. These are the pillars of the system, the plainclothes men with the batons, and the men without faces, without traces that are manning the death squads, that are running the torture facilities in the prisons.

Ordinary people. Members of unions, public employees. These are what any regime is ultimately made of.

The army (later these days I will try to analyse the role the army is playing in these days) let these people in. It knows perfectly well why it did this.

The revolution is over, it is enough: that is what the army is conveying. From now on, the army is the enemy.

If you give Mubarak time till the end of his term, he will not sleep till he got his revenge. You got the beast by the neck, kill it, or it will bite you. This is no longer a war of choice, you can not go back now, the dice are rolled.

This other effort yet, Egyptians!

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  1. The army is there to protect the safety of the people; until the people threaten the safety of the army.

    Kommentar by Dee — 2011/02/28 @ 00:54

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